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We have told our stories and inspired action through video psa's documentaries, articles, podcasts and interviews.  If you are a relevant media outlet, help us tell our story!

New Mexico Public Health Association

When we launched our SJ Fellowship NMPHA reached out and added us to their newsletter! Thank you for giving us our time and energy to feature us in your newsletter. 

Huffington Post

Ashley McCray is a current Consultant for ILW and she gave us a HUGE shout out when she ran for office in OK. Thank you for this major opportunity to get our ILW name out!


Robert Kennedy III supports ILW and Navajo Water Project.

USA Today

COVID deaths of Native Americans linked to limited access to resources and healthcare.

"COVID ravaged McKinley County, where roughly 74% of the population is non-Hispanic Native American — mostly Navajo and Zuni — and access to resources is scarce.

Jasper Colt Jasper Colt, USA TODAY

We revitalize native language and traditions in New Mexico

Video Archives

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