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Community members learn about the importance of policy change, community organizing, health and environmental impacts of uranium through a series of workshops and discussions with indigenous professionals and leaders.

Media Project

Our Social Justice Media Project is designed to share knowledge ............................

Our Social Justice MultiMedia ToolKit is NOW AVAILABLE for individuals, families, communities, schools, and Leaders to utilize in their communities!

Our goal is to ensure we continue to educate ourselves about the challenges our communities, organizations, and leaders are facing when protecting our land and families from uranium industry. With our Social Justice Multimedia Toolkit we merge our community organizing skills and media skill into one kit that provides the tools needed for you to create your own film or podcast to create social change at ANY AGE.


The Social Justice Fellowship Multimedia Toolkit is a quick guide to help tell your truth about the impacts of uranium mining in our communities. Our time is now to tell our stories from our perspective and create policy change through storytelling.

Watch this Video to learn more!

Raising Voices.

Our Social Justice Fellowship Program is designed to share knowledge about the impacts of uranium mining between our leaders, and indigenous led environmental organizations to our SJ Fellows. Under our current programming, Indigenous Lifeways has built a cadre of youth Social Justice Fellows. This first cadre was trained on our locally developed curriculum, the Literacy Sphere of Healthy Indigenous LifeWays. This curriculum taught them about the decades-long abuses of our environment by the uranium mining industry with little to no accountability.

Learn more about Literacy Spheres...

Apply for Next Social Justice Fellowship

Email Krystal for more information.

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Networking with Others

When we launched our SJ Fellowship NMPHA reached out and added us to their newsletter! Thank you for giving us our time and energy to feature us in your newsletter.


Unity Earth Ambassador, Zunneh-bah Martin, Thrives in ILW Social Justice Fellowship

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