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Whether hosting community discussions, offering Social Justice fellowships, building networks or telling important stories, we seek to restore our communities and our environment to full health and balance.

Indigenous People's Day. Photo by Krystal Curley.


Indigenous Lifeways continues to be a vital resource as we support and provide safe spaces for community members to gather and discuss issues such as environmental racism to sexual violence. We recognize that our pre-pandemic non-violent direct action frontline efforts have been the foundation of our Covid-19 emergency response efforts. By expressing ourselves through art and participating in traditional ceremonies communities, families find their voice and purpose. As an indigenous women led organization we ensure our matriarchal indigenous beliefs are instilled in all programming we conduct.

Social Justice

Our Social Justice Fellowship Program is designed to share knowledge about the impacts of uranium mining between our leaders, and indigenous led environmental organizations to our SJ Fellows.

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Literary Spheres

Each Sphere addresses social concepts from an indigenous cultural perspective which will work to build a family of networks that creates solutions. Learn more...

Indigenous Womxn Working Group

Women convene to share traditional and matriarchal knowledge that will support women and families in reducing and preventing domestic violence and abuse.

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Frontline Support

An inter-tribal outreach  effort that provides support in prayer, ceremony, music, film, and direct-action organization for communities that are facing the consequences of colonialism.  Learn more...

Mckinley Mutual Aid

We are an intertribal, interfaith, and interracial group of volunteers. As leaders of community-based nonprofits, we have a strong pre-existing network that allows us to quickly organize and establish a relatively immediate supply chain, production and dissemination.


Each nonprofit is contributing to grant writing/fundraising, supply chain, compilation of boxes and/or distribution of food, water, wood, PPE and other supplies.


Indigenous Lifeways is the lead coordinator for McKinley Mutual Aid efforts.


Photos of our amazing community partners and volunteers



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