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Help us to continue our work and meet the needs of the communities we serve. 

Phase 1 -
Immediate Needs

Permanent Office Space

To amplify our current programs and meet the urgent community needs we are currently looking for a safe and permanent home for community gatherings and programming.

We dream this space will become a multi-purpose studio to gather, create art, be a safe space for youth and elders. This would also uplift our mutual aid efforts to house and process donations for the communities and programs we continue to serve since COVID pandemic.   


The communities we serve are significant distances from our home office. We were using staff owned vehicles until it was obvious that the wear and tear on personal vehicles was not sustainable. We now rent vehicles- which is costly and time consuming.

This multi-use vehicle will be used for both transportation and as a mobile office and studio to showcase local art.  


The van will meet the needs of our community outreach efforts and mutual aid requests. We need dependable transportation for events such as:

health fairs,

film expos/festivals,

career fairs,

trainings, and

community led demonstrations.

Phase 2 -
After vehicle and office space is secured

Multimedia In house iMac Desktops and ipads, hard-drives.  

To further our inhouse editing, increase our media capacity and multimedia demonstrations we are requesting to have inhouse editing access for the community to create their own stories. 



We can uplift our in-take incoming requests for all programming and send out mass texts for programming events. 

Ongoing Development of our 
1.5 Million DREAM TEAM



We currently only have ONE FULL TIME Staff member, Executive Director Krystal Curley.  We commend her for her dedication to Indigenous Lifeways and are grateful for ALL the Community members and youth who have helped uplift our programming throughout the years. We would like to take a moment to thank current and past supporters of our work. 


Working without a formal office space.  Working without an organizational vehicle. Krystal currently fulfills the duties of all of the positions listed below. 


Let's help her create a Team to grow and meet the needs of the communities we serve.


  • Communication Manager

  • Team In-house photographer/videographer

  • Donor Development

  • Editor

  • Graphic Designer

  • Public Relations Program Director

  • Finance Manager

  • McKinley Mutual Aid Program Manager

  • Social Justice Media Program Manager

  • No False Solutions Program Manager Indigenous

  • Women Working Group Program Manager

  • Indigenous XR Manager

  • Interns


We make things happen together. 

How can you help?

Thanks for submitting!

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