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Photo by Krystal Curley

In our commitment to support Indigenous Relatives across turtle island, we offer trainings on numerous topics that help us fulfill our mission.  Grounded in traditional knowledge and wisdom, we proactively utilize modern tools and resources to help build individual and community capacity to restore health and balance for all people and our environment.


MIT Classroom.png


Carbon Pricing Certification 

Our Executive Director is a 1 of 15 certified international indigenous trainers, Ring of Fire Cohort,  that are trained by Indigenous Environmental Network. Our goal is to assist our community to understand False solution terminology such as Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, and exposing “Green '' propaganda of the Fossil Fuel Industry. Training recognizes the impacts of colonization and honoring indigenous resistance.


Indigenous Mindfulness

Training centers the importance of mindfulness as a tool for healing. We review various types of indigenous mindfulness that can be incorporated into our daily lives.


Learn how to self-regulate emotions through deep breathing and somatic body awareness.


Social Justice MultiMedia Project - Tool kit

This is a total of 7 hours of training spanning from advocacy, poetry, film, graphic design and podcasting. We have also included access to a Production Book Template to organize your next media project! The toolkit is accessible for youth, elders, and communities to create their own impactful content that protects indigenous sovereignty through storytelling. Majority of Trainers are Diné and are directly/indirectly impacted by uranium mining. 



Indigenous Reproductive Justice

An in-depth discussion on the Historical, Political and Traditional education on reproductive justice and injustices that indigenous people have faced throughout colonization.


Diné New Moon/Eclipse
Diné Cosmology 

We encourage Diné youth and families to understand the significance of Diné Cosmology. New/Full Moon,  We have approved and reviewed knowledge by our local trusted Traditional Practitioner that we are able to share with community members, families and schools.


Literacy Spheres

Energy, Cultural, Economic, Food Intergenerational Trauma 


Each Sphere addresses each concept from an indigenous cultural perspective which will work to build a family of networks that creates solutions to communities of color facing  disparities.


MIT invited Executive Director, Krystal Curley and Akilah Martinez to do a training at their Reality Hack conference. The class, Social Impact & Economic Equality Through XR, was sold out to an international audience!

Indigenous Lifeways was invited to participate as an inaugural Reality Shaker participant hosted by Virtual World Society (VWS). This is an invitation-only group of international change-makers that are utilizing XR Technology for social impact and systematic change.

No False Solutions Annual Gathering - Las Vegas, NM at New Mexico Highlands University.

We showcased a variety of training workshops to encourage nearly 70 participants to gain knowledge and teach others of the impacts of greenwashing propaganda our communities are facing in New Mexico. Indigenous Lifeways is a steering committee member of New Mexico No False Solutions Coalition. 

Ring of Fire Cohorts - Indigenous Lifeways is a member of Indigenous Environmental Network’s Ring of Fire Trainers Cohort. This monumental partnership allows space for international indigenous trainers/facilitators to assist communities on learning the impact of carbon pricing and commodification of the sacred. 

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