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DOODA Hydrogen

During the Legislative Finance Committee meeting (June 15-17, 2022) a tour was held at the Escalante Power Plant in Prewitt, NM in McKinley County. Legislators are proposing to convert the power plant to produce hydrogen from fracking gas. Legislator were set to tour the facility and hear presentations by Tallgrass, the corporation whom will be responsible for the conversation to hydrogen.

Indigenous Lifeways participated in a collective effort to oppose hydrogen development and ensure our voices were heard during the meeting.

At first the meeting did not allow Public Comment during their visit in McKinley.

Two days before the event we were notified that public comment would be worked into the agenda. We are thankful to all the organizations and concerned citizen across NM that worked quickly to send emails and phones calls to ensure public comment was placed on the agenda.

During their lunch break, YUCCA, EarthCare, New Energy Economy, NM Climate Action and Indigenous LIfeways held a demostostraion outside the Escalante Plant!

The same day, ILW held an additional demostration at the McKinley County Courthouse with local community member whom also expressed their oppostion!

Indigenous voices were heard loud and clear.

Media Coverage:

“We are now living in a climate catastrophe with the worst health care in the world,” said Krystal Curley, the executive director of Indigenous Lifeways, an indigenous, woman-led non-profit. “We cannot afford another boom and bust industry in McKinley County.”

READ MORE at the link below.

Additional Media coverage from our collective action!

To read our Front Page article subscribe to Gallup Independent.

We are now supporting YUCCA’s efforts and their current Call to Action against hydrogen development!


Join us for our call to action & contact LFC members (both state representatives & senators) and say NO to hydrogen and hydrogen investment in New Mexico! Follow our instructions HERE - and scroll down to get more context! Compose a short personalized email to the Legislative Finance Committee. LFC members are meeting on taxpayer dollars to continue to explore hydrogen production. Include an introduction and choose 2 facts based on the research on dirty hydrogen to highlight and why they are concerning you and why you want to protect air, land and water. View our template below: Dear Committee Chair Rep. Lundstrom and Legislative Finance Committee Members, I am _______ (Introduce yourself, where you live in NM, if you are a student or your profession). New Mexico can develop 100% renewable solar and battery storage, bringing jobs and a just transition. Insert a couple of facts. As a __________(student or profession or NM resident) I am calling on the Legislative Finance Committee to make the right decisions for a 100% renewable New Mexico (For health, future generations, to protect air, land water, Indigenous frontline communities) Thank you, (your name and city or zipcode) CONTACTS (Copy/Paste Email list): Committee Chair Rep. Patricia Lundstrom - Secretary David Abbey - Other members of the committee a mix of Senators and Representatives: “Pete Campos” <>, “Roberto “Bobby” J. Gonzales” <>, “Siah Correa Hemphill” <>, “George K. Munoz” <>, “Nancy Rodriguez” <>, “Pat Woods” <>, “Gail Armstrong” <>, “Jack Chatfield” <>, “Harry Garcia” <>, “Dayan Hochman-Vigil” <>, “Nathan P. Small” <>, “Candie G. Sweetser” <>, “Brian G. Baca” <>, “Gay G. Kernan” <>, “Steven P. Neville” <>, “Christine Chandler” <>

Watch this video by YUCCA members with footage from the LFC hearing in Prewitt, NM last Wednesday! We along with allies showed up to remind our lawmakers that NM residents & our Reps already rejected hydrogen hubs for New Mexico! Instructions & Info HERE.

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