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No False Solutions & Ring of Fire Cohort

3.21.2024, LAS VEGAS, NM | In March, the New Mexico No False Solutions Coalition held their annual gathering in Las Vegas, NM at New Mexico Highlands University. Indigenous Lifeways is a founding steering committee member of New Mexico No False Solutions Coalition. NFS Coalition is composed of (8) indigenous, youth and frontline organizations addressing the climate crisis in New Mexico.

We can not rely on market-based mechanisms or greenwashed "solutions" that continue to provide a crutch for fossil fuel.

During the workshop, we showcased a variety of training workshops to encourage nearly 70 participants from around New Mexico to gain knowledge and teach others of the impacts of greenwashing propaganda our communities are facing in our communities.

Learn more about New Mexico No False Solutions by clicking here.

Ring of Fire Cohort 

Indigenous Lifeways is an inaugural member of Indigenous Environmental Network’s Ring of Fire Trainers Cohort since 2023. This monumental partnership allows space for international indigenous trainers/facilitators to assist communities on learning the impact of carbon pricing and commodification of the sacred.

 We had the honor to partake as facilitators during the annual two-day No False Solutions Gathering held in Las Vegas, NM at New Mexico Highlands University.

(Photo: Selfie with Executive Director, Krystal and Zeph a member of YUCCA before facilitating the Historical Timeline workshop. Both are members of Ring of Fire Cohort)

Workshops were co-led by the Ring of Fire Cohort which is comprised of 15 indigenous frontline organizers spanning from Australia, Canada, and USA. To name a few areas some of the topics that were included dissecting greenwashing terminology, carbon pricing, colonial and resistance Historical timeline, and Oral storytelling.

Learn more about our trainings by visiting our Trainings Page!

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